As opportunistic investors and developers we seek to leverage our experience, infrastructure and decisiveness to act quickly and structure creatively to continue our successful history of anticipating trends and negotiating market cycles. Our in-house capabilities and industry-wide reputation make us particularly adept at re-positioning and/or "fixing" defaulted condominium projects, either as principals by infusing new equity or as consultants to ongoing ownership.

We are actively seeking value-added residential, retail and office opportunities in the New York City metro area as well as along the Eastern Seaboard from Miami to Boston, with particular interest in the Washington, DC corridor. Our preferred deal size ranges from $5 million to $250 million.

Corporate Residential Alchemy-ABR Alchemy Ventures

121 West 19th Street

New York, NY
The Lions Head Condominium

The Lions Head Condominium was developed in a manner that was both structurally challenging and architecturally progressive. The building encompassed approximately 120,000 square feet but, because it was built full to the lot, at the time of acquisition there was insufficient light and air to permit legal residential use in the rear. By shearing approximately eight feet off the rear of the building from roof to ground, we infused the needed light and air and created additional legal residential space.

Beyond envisioning the possibilities, executing the work was exceptionally complex requiring an enormous about of time, coordination and manpower. The results of our efforts were 67 loft style apartments, many with 15’ ceilings. Each unit received great attention to detail with significant regard for the architectural integrity of the building.

Our efforts were rewarded with exceptional market response –more than 700 brokers attended an open house and the development completely sold out within 48 hours.

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