As opportunistic investors and developers we seek to leverage our experience, infrastructure and decisiveness to act quickly and structure creatively to continue our successful history of anticipating trends and negotiating market cycles. Our in-house capabilities and industry-wide reputation make us particularly adept at re-positioning and/or "fixing" defaulted condominium projects, either as principals by infusing new equity or as consultants to ongoing ownership.

We are actively seeking value-added residential, retail and office opportunities in the New York City metro area as well as along the Eastern Seaboard from Miami to Boston, with particular interest in the Washington, DC corridor. Our preferred deal size ranges from $5 million to $250 million.

Corporate Residential Alchemy-ABR Alchemy Ventures

35 West 15th Street

New York, NY

Patience, diligence, creativity and a special relationship honed over time are the hallmarks of 35XV. After previous purchasers were unable to close on the property, we worked closely with Xavier High School to structure a partnership that resulted in a win-win scenario. In exchange for our constructing a new high school facility on the lower six floors of the building Xavier transferred to us the air rights for a new condominium development.

By virtue of this special relationship and exchange, the residential portion of the building begins almost 100 feet above ground level and rises to 24 floors comprising a 170,000-square-foot building, 330 feet tall. Many of the residential units feature unparalleled views, a significant market advantage in the low-rise Chelsea neighborhood. Coupled with dramatic and progressive architecture, 35XV is in the forefront of contemporary residential design and has been exceedingly well received in the newly revived condominium market.

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